Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine Project ---> Shadow Box

Valentine Shadow Box
I love Altered Art!

This first project is something that I have had brewing in my mind for a while now. I picked up a soda pop crate at a garage sale for 25 cents a while ago.
I painted it white and I am turning it into a Valentine Shadow Bos.

This is the end of it - a "Dr. Pepper" crate.

I put 2 pieces of cardstock between the boards in the back because it doesn't have a solid back. Then I cut a variety of Valentine's papers in to squares and glued them to the cardstock.

You can see in here the cardstock and the variety of patterns.

This is the lower left corner. I have a bunch of fun heart things in my heart collection. These are small enough to work for this shadow box. I don't have my Valentines things unpacked yet, so I will have to fill in when it is out of the boxes.
These are special hearts, one is a pen top that our #4 daughter gave me a long time ago, so fun to have some place special to put it now. The glass boxes are from my hubby years ago. Each heart has a special place in my "heart."

This is the lower right corner. The buttons on these cards and in the little bottle are buttons that were my grandmother's (1890-1963) I was really little when she passed away, but I have 2 gallon bucket full of her buttons that she cut off things and used in her sewing - these are a few of them. Yup! I am a hopeless romantic!


This is the finished product! I need to add some more do dad's to it when I get my stuff out.

Perfect place to display my miniature heart collection.


  1. Nice ideas on Valentines day. I also visited this Valentine site, it has also very nice information.

  2. Your blog is super cute. I was looking for some vintage Valentines and cool craft projects, and you have a really cute site! I love it. I'll follow you! :)

  3. I love all your V-day ideas. I was so excited to see my V-day count down cookie sheet calendar. I have a couple other V-day ideas you may enjoy. I made a tutorial of a heart table runner based on the same concept as my banner from last year

    Anyways, love the blog. I'll check out your other themes too.

  4. Your shadow box for your heart collection is so cute, Paula!

  5. Your heart collection is so cute, Paula! Love your display idea!